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Wednesday, 21 February 2018
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Joe Pollard, owner of Checker Parts, Inc., has been a musician for most of his life. He rode in hundreds of Checker Cabs while performing on the road as a drummer. He purchased a brand new Checker in 1978 because it was the only car that would hold his entire drum set and has been driving Checkers ever since. Joe is an active member of the  Checker Car Club of America, having served on the Board of Directors for many years, and is currently President of the California Checker Club.

Joe has been making Checker parts for many years. He began making parts for his own Checkers when he discovered that many parts were no longer being manufactured. He soon realized that many of the parts he made fit other model Checkers. Through word of mouth, other Checker owners learned of the existence of these previously unavailable parts. As demand grew, he was able to make a wider variety of parts and the business was born.

As a Checker enthusiast, Joe experienced first-hand the frustration of having to spend hours, days or weeks trying to locate a specific part. Phone calls, letters, internet searches and lots of deadends led to the idea of creating a single location for your search.

Checker Parts is geared to be that location.
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